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23 December, 2022
During the past week, the following works were performed throughout the capital city by the outdoor lighting service of LLC "Tbilservice Group" , within the framework of the contract signed with the City Hall: - 468 lamps were replaced in the outdoor lighting network; - installed: 123 units of lamps and 7 units of spotlights; 104 throttles, 132 igniters, 62 "arms", 2 pole protection boxes/cabinet, 6 magnetic starters; - 4876 sq.m. meter of underground network, 42 units of grounding contour and 12 units of glazing were arranged; - 199 units of poles were dismantled/installed/moved/restored. The outdoor lighting network was newly organized at the following addresses: In Isani district, in the second quarter of the third street of Vazisubani, in the vicinity of buildings N 8, 10 and 14, outdoor lighting works were carried out in the vicinity of the sports field and footpaths. New style poles, so-called "Bubble Towers". The mentioned poles are also installed on the newly rehabilitated Queen Ketevan and P. Melikishvili avenues. In the Mtatsminda district, within the framework of the rehabilitation of the Pushkin Square, the construction works of the outdoor lighting of the square have been completed; in Vake district, on I. Chavchavadze street N 83, the construction works of the outdoor lighting of the square were completed.
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