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Tbilservice Group was established in 2007 by the Tbilisi Municipality and its share in the Company's capital is 100%. Legal status is defined by the Georgian law as – Limited Liability Company. In May 15, 2016 Three other legal entities (“Real Estate – Tbilisi”, “Tbilisi Parks” and “City of Light”) have been merged to the Tbilservice Group and their functions were added to the Company activities.

The Main Activities of The Company within the Administrative boundaries of Tbilisi are:

  • Cleaning and Waste Management Service;
  • Organizing the collection of fees for cleaning the populated area;
  • Participation in the development of rules and projects necessary for the regulation of Cleaning and Waste management sphere;
  • Collection, Transportation and Recycling of Household Waste. Collection and Transportation of Construction Waste in accordance with individually concluded contracts;
  • Drainage water management, maintenance of drainage collectors, rain forests, tracks and control wells;
  • Ongoing repair of Control Wells, Drainage Collectors,  Drainage Networks located on the Streets, Squares and Highways;
  • Agreeing on a technical conditions  for proper connection  of New Drainage Network; 
  • Agreeing on Project for prevention of all kinds of underground work;
  • Carrying out of works in accordance with individually concluded contracts;
  • Scattering of technical salt during snowfall;
  • Maintenance and exploitation of underground passages owned by Tbilisi City Municipality;
  • Maintenance of the Property owned by Tbilisi City Municipality and Company;
  • Maintenance of the Outdoor Lightning Facilities;
  • Repair of Outdoor lightning in the Streets, Squares, Parks, Bridges, Highways. Reconstruction of existing Networks and Developing of New ones.
  • Storage of demolished property (Poles, Lamps, Searchlights, Wires, Cables) on the territory of the Company and further exploitation of equipment suitable for use;
  • Carrying out organizational-technical measures to reduce electricity losses of Outdoor lightning network to ensure trouble-free operations;
  • Providing repair services for Lightning Equipment and Networks in accordance with Contract Fees.
  • Patronage and Exploitation of Pedestrian Bridges;
  • Agreeing on technical conditions of the Lightning facilities to have proper connection with New or existing Network/System;
  • Agreeing technical conditions of linear buildings and constructions located in Underground Passages;
  • Carrying out Filling works with Construction Waste in order to regulate territories owned by the Municipality;
  • Road Marking Activities on highways, streets and their components.
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