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The project "Tbilisi Municipal Solid Waste Strategy" was presented at Radisson Blu Hotel in Iveria
26 September, 2022
The "Strategy of solid municipal waste of Tbilisi" project of "Radisson Blu Iveria" hotel was presented. The purpose of the event was to introduce Tbilisi solid municipal waste strategy and action plan to interested parties, receive feedback and discuss further steps.

Tbilisi Deputy Mayor Andria Basilaia addressed the participants of the event and noted that solid waste management remains one of the most important challenges of the world's cities.

According to him, in this regard, in recent years, the situation in Tbilisi has improved, however, municipal waste management systems are still mainly dependent on landfills.

"A very important project has been developed, which is fully harmonized with the national plan. Establishing a modern waste management system within the framework of the Association Agreement with the European Union is one of the obligations. Actually, Tbilisi today has a plan that will bring the city to a modern waste management system. We have started negotiations with our partner the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the two main problems that will be solved first are the construction of the gas collection and sorting line. Waste separation bins will be placed in the capital. I think that in two or three years we will be able to switch to separate collection of waste, and the second part of the project will be the recycling of the remaining part, which will bring us to the European Union standard", said Andria Basilaia and thanked the parties participating in the project for their support and activities.

The consortium of international consulting companies started working on the waste prevention and recycling strategy and action plan in January 2020. The purpose of the strategy is to develop different waste prevention and recycling scenarios for the Tbilisi Municipality and to assess their sustainability (environmental, social and economic impact assessment).

As a result of the implementation of the "Tbilisi Solid Waste Project Feasibility Study", from January 2020, the Tbilisi City Hall began to prepare a solid waste prevention and recycling strategy. Within the framework of the EBRD grant funding, the ICP-ENVIROPLAN consortium provided the preparation of the strategy.

Davit Pachulia, director of LLC "Tbilservis Group", representatives of various ministries and non-governmental organizations participating in the project attended the presentation of the strategy.
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